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Who are we?

Delícia de mel

 who are we?

This delícia de mel is rooted in the past with the need to contribute our grain of sand to help our planet’s sustainability.
My father, “grandfather Manel”, Calders’ son, who is an outdoors and nature lover, already had a few tools, handmade for him and for his own consumption. It was him who aroused us the curiosity about bees and honey world.
It is over the years and with the idea of initiating this project, that we meet Marià, a third-generation beekeeper full of experience. Although he has his own exploitation, he is always there and thanks to his advice and his invaluable help, we have had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to everything in the exciting world of beekeeping.
After all this long way of sharing many moments, we consider him “our bees’ father” and above all, a great friend.
In this symbiosis, each one contributes the best of himself. One, the knowledge acquired over the years, the others, the drive to transhumance bees all over the territory and all with the idea of learning in the magical world of bees and the beekeeper laborious.


nova-qui som-a baix

We own some new and modest non-industrialized facilities that help us grow slowly.

At home, they have always taught us to have a moderate-limit.

We are under the control of the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition of the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare and we have the certificate that certifies the registration in the General Register of Food Companies and Foodstuffs (GRFCF) so we can say that we do a job well done, thus guaranteeing the high quality of our products.

Our job as beekeepers begins with a good management of our cattle. We work with the native black bee, “Apis Mellifera Ibérica” and we help it to fight for its survival (as it is seriously threatened) and also for our most immediate present and especially for our children and grandchildren future.

We work with Langstroth and Dadant boxes and we only remove the honey from the elk when they have the operculated honeycombs. We leave the honey intact of the entire breeding body and the unplanned pictures of moose for the good being of our precious bees.

When we arrive with honeycombs at the reception of our factory “Meleria”, there we unscrew, we extract the honey, we make a first filtering and we let it rest and finish maturing in tanks.

After a few weeks, it is packaged, labeled and brought to customers’ homes, who are increasing their demanding with the need to know the origin and how the product they consume has been produced.

We have at all times controlled and documented the traceability of our products in order to gain their confidence.

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