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What we offer?

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Our honey


Natural honey online. Our honey is a 100% natural product.

It is made by our bees that suck the flowers’ nectar and transform it into honey. The color, the composition and the taste vary according to the flowering and the climatic conditions.

We take care of our bees and they help us, with their untiring work, to pollinate and maintain our territory.

Buying natural honey online to delícia de mel, is to collaborate to maintain the beekeepers’ profession.

In addition to helping keep the world of bees alive, they are at risk due to climate change and some insecticides.


Remember that crystallization is a natural process that indicates that honey has not been subjected to excessive temperature changes and therefore it has not lost any of its properties, this is a guarantee of quality.

When one of our honeys becomes cloudy and/or crystallizes, if you prefer it liquid, heat it in a water bath without boiling so you will not lose its properties.

Why do we practice transhumance?

We follow in stages the annual flowering course of the different plants, fruit trees and honey bushes.

Thanks to our transhumance we help our bees to have a better and more varied feeding.

We contribute to the pollination of crops and wild flora.

After a laborious work, they thank us for giving us part of their honey reserves in order to offer our clients, different varieties of honey from their own harvest, deserving of the highest quality and biological richness.

As Marià says “good honey”.

Currently we have behives throughout the Catalan territory: in the coast of Tarragona, in the Garraf Masif, in Central Catalonia, in Montseny, we pass through the Pyrenees and reach the Pyrenees at almost 1800 meters.



We do not often know what to give, (for mother’s day, father’s day, grandparents’ birthday, Christmas, an invisible friend, or simply to make a detail), if this is your case, we recommend that you give away our honeys

We propose our tasting/gift lots in different formats adapted to all pocket sizes and we prepare it with the varieties that you like the most.


3 Options

Foto de caixes que contenen eixams on es produeix la mel


We sell selected swarms Dadant and Langstroth of black bees.

They consist of a minimum of 3 breeding boxes, 1 table of honey reserves and 1 stamped wax under construction.

We serve the swarms from the beginning of March, in a non-refundable cardboard core which are made from the previous year. Those served from April are made in the same year.



We offer our bees to give the pollination service. As a result, you will increase the production and quality of your crops.

We recommend contacting well in advance to make good planning and for our bees to do a good job.

Before flowering begins, we transport, install and signal the moths, so that when flowering occurs, the bees will be ready to do their job. During flowering, we check the moths periodically and when finished, we remove them.


If you are a farmer, have fields and / or orchards and need good pollinators, please contact us.


Apitourist experiences

(Coming soon)

Would you like to be a beekeeper for a day?

We will dres up with the beekeeping uniform and we will live an unforgettable and fun experience where we will visit our beehives.

Description of the experience:

We will give an explanation about:
• The life and organization of the bees within the beehive.
• The threats that bees suffer today.
• The importance of pollination.
• We will visit the apiary and we will look at the different parts of the behive’s inside.
• We will finish with a tasting of our honeys.

Availability: To specify

Duration: 2h – 2.30h.

Participants: a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 10 people.

Price: Adults € (<15 years)
Children € (4-14 years)
Groups to consult.

Note: Children should always be accompanied by an adult.

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