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Mel d’alta muntanya 960gr

Mel de castanyer 960gr

Mel de milflors 960gr

Mel de romaní 960gr

Mel de romaní amb flors 960gr

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Mel de taronger 960gr

Mel de colza 960gr

Mel de timó/farigola 960gr

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honey tasting pack 2x1000g

Give away our 2x1000g honey tasting pack. We often don’t know what to give away, (for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents ’Birthdays, Christmas, an invisible friend, or just to make a detail), if this is your case, we recommend that you give away our honeys.
We offer you our tasting / gift lots in different formats. They are also suitable for all budgets and we prepare them with the varieties you like best.

Buying honey is buying health, giving away honey is giving away well-being!
So, give away honey!

Our honey is a 100% natural product.
It is made by our bees that suck the nectar from the flowers and transform it into honey. Color, composition and taste vary depending on flowering and climatic conditions.
We take care of our bees and they help us, with their tireless work, to pollinate and maintain our territory.

Remember that crystallization is a natural process that indicates that honey has not been subjected to excessive temperature changes and therefore has not lost any of its properties. Delícia de mel guarantees you a purchase of quality and local honey. When one of our honeys is clouded and / or crystallized, if you prefer it liquid, heat it in a water bath without boiling the water so that you do not lose its properties.



In our online shop you will find the 2x1000g honey tasting pack.
You can buy them in a secure payment environment and we will take them home.

Buy honey to the to the delícia de mel is helping to keep the beekeeper trade, as well as helping to keep the world of bees alive, in danger of extinction due to climate change and some insecticides. .
We offer you different varieties of Own Harvest honey, deserving of the highest quality and biological richness.

We are a small family farm that offers quality Catalan honey with maximum guarantees to earn your trust.

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