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CHARACTERISTICS HONEYCOMB: It can come from the nectar of different plant species, depending on the flowering, which can vary the color, aroma and taste.

The honeycomb is a set of cells where bees deposit honey. They are portions of honeycomb with the honey completely extracted completely pure, since it has not been manipulated. Delícia de mel offers it straight from the hive to your table!
It is a top quality product that will not leave you indifferent and will make your palate enjoy a real delight.

We recommend chewing the honeycomb in small pieces and slowly sucking the honey. Enjoy this pleasure and all its benefits. Once all the honey has been extracted, the remaining wax must be expelled.

PROPERTIES: It has stimulating properties, improves the respiratory system, helps with digestive functions, is a good healer and disinfectant of the skin and is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory that has its own pure honey.

ORIGIN: Our honeycomb is collected throughout Catalonia.
It is made by our bees who stretch a small sheet of wax and cell to cell make the honeycomb. Then they suck the nectar from different plant species, transform it into honey and fill the hives until they are sealed with a small wax cap. Therefore we can say that it is a 100% pure and natural product.
Plus, it’s a treat for the palate!



ONLINE STORE: In our online store you will find our honeycomb in the format of 175g approx.
You can buy it in a secure payment environment and we will take it home.

Buying a honeycomb to the delícia de mel is helping to keep the beekeeper trade, as well as helping to keep the world of bees alive, in danger of extinction due to climate change and some insecticides.
We offer different varieties of honey from our own harvest, deserving of the highest quality and biological richness.

We are a small family farm that offers quality Catalan honey with maximum guarantees to earn your trust.

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