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Thyme honey

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CHARACTERISTICS OF THYME HONEY: It is dark amber in color, often with reddish hues. It has a very intense and persistent aroma and a sweet and smooth flavor on the palate with clear acid notes.

PROPERTIES: It is very effective in preventing and treating throat infections, inflammatory respiratory infections, convulsive cough and asthma. It is also very useful for improving the digestive system.

ORIGIN: Our thyme honey is collected in Central Catalonia (Berguedà and Solsonès) and is a 100% natural product. It is made by our bees that suck, mainly, the nectar of thyme flowers.

CRYSTALIZATION: Remember that crystallization is a natural process that indicates that honey has not been subjected to excessive changes in temperature and that therefore it has not lost any of its properties. Delícia de mel guarantees you a purchase of quality and native honey. When one of our honeys becomes cloudy and / or crystallizes, if you prefer it liquid, heat it in a bain-marie without actually boiling the water and thus it will not lose its properties.

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