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High mountain honey

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CHARACTERISTICS OF HIGH MOUNTAIN HONEY: More or less dark honey depending on the predominant wild flowering. With an intense and continuous aroma and sweetness.

PROPERTIES: Rich in mineral salts and enzymes helps fight colds. It has digestive, disinfectant, antirheumatic properties. It is recommended to strengthen the heart and help restore mineral levels when there is anemia.

ORIGIN: Our high mountain honey is collected in the Meadows of the Pyrenees by our bees.

100% natural honey obtained at altitudes above 1,300 meters and up to 1,800 meters.

CRYSTALLIZATION: Remember that crystallization is a natural process that indicates that the honey has not been subjected to excessive changes in temperature and therefore has not lost any of its properties. Delícia de mel guarantees you a purchase of quality and local honey. When one of our honeys is clouded and / or crystallized, if you prefer it liquid, heat it in a water bath without boiling the water so that you do not lose its properties.

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