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Apitourist experiences

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Would you like to be a beekeeper for a day?

We will dres up with the beekeeping uniform and we will live an unforgettable and fun experience where we will visit our beehives.

Description of the experience:

We will give an explanation about:

  • The life and organization of the bees within the beehive.
  • The threats that bees suffer today.
  • The importance of pollination
  • We will visit the apiary and we will look at the different parts of the behive’s inside.
  • We will finish with a tasting of our honeys.

Availability: To specify

Duration: 2h – 2.30h.

Participants: a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 10 people.

Price: Adults € (<15 years)

Children € (4-14 years)

Groups to consult.

Note: Children should always be accompanied by an adult.


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